Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole! I miss... Brazil (photo-heavy)

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole! I miss... Brazil!

Needless to say, Brazil was amazing. If I wasn't a travel junky before, I want to be one now! The beer was plentiful, the people were charming, and the fun was endless! I can't wait for the next adventure! If you love soccer, or even if you don't, attend a World Cup in your lifetime! You will LOVE it and it is an experience of a lifetime. Meeting and socializing with people from different parts of the world was amazing! The passion that people have for their country and their teams was evident, inspiring, and so much fun to witness. We made friends from Canada, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Russia, Chile, Australia (oh I LOVE their voices), and most importantly, Brazil! The wonderful Brazilian people were so friendly, helpful, and hospitable. What a great host country.

Here are some of the highlights of our trip.
  • Unknowingly flying business from LA to Miami and from Miami to Rio and utterly enjoying the experience. Annel and I were like kids in a candy store. Blanca was used to that great treatment. The flight attendant hooked it up with the Jack and Coke's too! And... who says no to mimosas?!? Crazy people, that's who!
  • Almost missing our flight to Rio by... minutes. We ran to the terminal to find the doors closed already but the airline attendants waved us in just in time. Baby Jesus was watching over us. (Thank Goodness we also flew business to Rio)

  • Dining at Paprika 4 nights in Natal, Rio Grande De Norte and all of the great people we dined with. So many great memories there! We just loved it there.
  • Witnessing the fifth fastest World Cup Goal made by USA's Clint Dempsey at the Ghana vs. USA game in Natal. We witnessed world cup history right there... history!

  • Playing volleyball at 2 a.m. with fellow American neighbors at our Natal beach house.
  • Almost finishing a bottle of Crown Royal and then going swimming in the warm rainy water at the beach house.

  • Attending the the Mexico vs. Cameroon game in the POURING rain in Natal. We were all soaked! (If you know me, you know I am not a fan of rain) 

  • Being Hosted in Rio by the BEST LOCALS! Thank you Paulette and Jon
  • Running into "the Canadians" 3 times between Natal and Rio
  • Staying out late every night in Rio

Jonathan and Paulette
All of us and one of our Canadian friends
Club in Lapa

Our Evening out in Ipanema
... and the amazing food
An amazing group of accomplished young females

Our Canadian Stalkers
  • Zip lining in Rio at Fan Fest
One of our Favorite Photo's

  • Mariu's Churrascaria was AMAZING! An establishment with such personality and amazing/fun decor! Not to mention... the food was GREAT. Even though many would say it is a tourist trap... well... I was a tourist and we really enjoyed it. It might not have been an authentic Brazilian Churrascaria but it was enjoyable.

The Women's Restroom was covered in vintage dolls and trinkets

Our evening out after dinner
  • Spending the day practically hiking up to Cristo Redentor, one of the wonders of the world!!!

Above All, travelling with the LOVE of my LIFE as we have always planned. 
I can't wait for our next travelling adventure. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Life Lately (2) - Brazil Bound

Hello stranger *said in a sultry voice*

Life has been interesting, to say the least. Since I last posted, I have been working on my 30 before 30 bucket list, preparing to get laid off (don't worry, it was expected), and preparing for our trip to beautiful Brazil. Well folks, Brazil is here and I'm on a flight to attend the Copa Mundo tomorrow morning! I am pretty darn excited and nervous! I've never traveled overseas and the furthest I have traveled out of the Country is Mexico. Mexico is my neighbor, it doesn't count. My bag was packed 2 days ago, I'm not stressing, and I have time to sit in front of my laptop and update my blog.

Copa Mundo Attire-Ready!

In previously mentioned news, I got laid off from my job. Our entire line of business did and it was expected so I'm okay. I've been enjoying my time off prepping for my trip, starting my days with Bikram Yoga almost every morning (which is not something I could do before), and focusing on finishing up spring semester at school. I know that I will find the right place for me when I return from Brazil. New adventures await and I'm really looking forward to them. Nothing but positive thoughts from this gal! This also gives me a great opportunity to attend summer semester full time and be on track to graduate June 2015 with my Associates Degree in Business Management. Then... maybe babies. Don't hold your breath though!

The Last of the Mojicans
What I'm going to miss most about not working at my previous employer is the wonderful friends I made who managed to wiggle their way into my heart and working with my Mom and Sister. I've worked with my sister since her and I worked at ROSS together back in 2002. After four years there, we both transitioned to this company. Over 12 years! Additionally, Mom was the one who helped get us in the door. It just so happens that Mom and I were working in the same department together. As much as I will miss seeing both of their faces everyday, again, I'm looking forward to what God has planned for us next.

Sissy And I
Mommy and I 
Jeff and I
Paula and I

I hope to post all about our trip to Brazil when I return. Until then, xoxo.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Update: 30 Before 30 Bucket List

I've only slightly chipped away at this list but here is the latest update! The main point of this update is to share my YouTube video of me sangin' the US National Anthem. Hope you all enjoy! xoxo

Check out the video here! More to come, I'm hoping.

Visit Brazil - Flights have been booked! Brazil here I come! I will cross it off when it actually happens.
  1. Learn and dance Samba - coincides with Brazil
  2. Travel out of the country (filler) - Brazil here I come!
  3. Get a tattoo
  4. Get a Brazilian Bikini Wax – Boom for some Sexiness in my pants! - Done and Done and I LOVE IT!
  5. Learn a song on the Guitar - tasking myself to learn “Lucky” (Mraz & Callet) and “You and I” (Michaelson) I am learning both songs to sing with my classmate so I would like to eventually know how to play it on the guitar. Definitely challenging myself! Coming out of my shell people! (1/8/14)
  6. Write a song
  7. Record a song
  8. Post a YouTube video of me singing I sang the National Anthem for West Covina Nationals Little League and posted my very first YouTube video. More to come! Check out the video!
  9. Stay out until 5 am - PST or Brazilian time (I am often times incapable of staying awake past 2 am) - Sooo… I’m crossing this off of my list because recently I had the opportunity to massage at a local Half Marathon event, Tinker Bell ½ Marathon in Anaheim. The night before I had an engagement party to attend. So on February ___ I woke up in the morning, went to the engagement, left the engagement part at 1:30 am and had to be awake at 3:00 am to be in Anaheim at 4:00 am. I tried to get that 1.5 hours of sleep but was not successful. So I was awake about 30 hours between Saturday and Sunday! Whoa! What a day it was! I was very proud of myself for not grabbing a blanket and snoozing on my massage table that day.
  10. Get rid of some of my craft stash - a craft stash is all the hoarding of craft supplies one crafter might be storing.
  11. Learn to make champurrado - one of my FAVS
  12. Learn to make tamales - Any kind: Guatemalan, Cuban, Mexican, etc.  My Sister, Bestie(s), and I made 80+ Guatemalan tamales. They were sooo yummy. We used my Sister’s Mother-In-Law’s recipe. I’m a little burned out on them now but they were so good!
  13. Learn to make Pozole - any volunteers to teach me?
  14. Pay it Forward - Pay for someone’s Starbucks in the drive-through behind me, etc.
  15. Sew a skirt and a dress – probably using a pattern
  16. Cut my hair short again - the cut may come sooner than later. Tired of this “longness!” - I will get there soon but I'm loving my medium/long length right now and I just dyed it copper. Loving the copper (photo above)
  17. Ride a horse - surprisingly, I’ve never done this (that I am aware of)
  18. Attend a professional football game (Even if it’s in nose bleed)
  19. Go on a spontaneous outing with my hubby
  20. Run/jog 1, 2, and 3 miles without stopping
  21. Post 30 blog posts or more on the blog
  22. Call my friends at least once or twice a month - or more if reciprocated - Calls made: 1/6/14- I have been lagging on this one.
  23. Volunteer – thinking of the Do Good Bus or other local community volunteerism - Volunteer Hours: Massage Event, Tinker Bella ½ Marathon. Massaged all of the runners and walkers. Super great experience and it was great to use my magic massage hands again.
  24. Greet at least 1 stranger a day or week (Hello, good morning, good evening, etc) - this one is going to be tough for me.Greetings: 1/8/13 - Introduced myself to one of my new classmates. Too many to count now! I’m on a roll!
  25. Learn self defense techniques - I’m thinking a self defense meet-up to save money
  26. Learn to French braid and learn to French braid my own hair
  27. Take the train and spend a day in LA with my Mommy and Sisters - Girls day out!
  28. Take my husband to dinner - Girls can be “romantical” too!
  29. Treat myself to a day of pampering - Hair, nails, the works! I don’t do this enough.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Handmade Christmas Gifts 2013

I love the Holidays and gift giving; Especially handmade gifts. It was nice to get a little crafty for the Holidays; though I wish I would have made more time to create more masterpieces. There are a lot of sharpie mug tutorials floating around on Pinterest and craft websites. I found inspiration from many blogs and websites and decided to be economic about some Christmas gifts this year. Check them out!

All of the mugs are from the dollar tree! Can't go wrong with a mug for $1! I designed all of them with regular black and gold Sharpie brand permanent markers and also touched up with Gold Sharpie paint pens. The Sharpie paint pens are IDEAL for this project. I highly recommend them.

I baked them for 30 min at 350 degrees F. I did not preheat the oven before baking. I put them in the oven, started the 350 and left them in there until they cooled completely once I turned the oven off.

I didn't make one for myself so I don't know how long the Sharpie lasts when hand-washed. I suppose they will last a while if you're gentle when washing them.

I also put together a little treat bag to fill the mugs that included a small 1.76 oz coffee bag from Fresh and Easy and a few chocolates.

Mug 1- Top Left/Top Right: Better Latte Than Never/Stay Grounded
Mug 2 - Bottom Left/Bottom Right: Have a Nice Day/ Start Each Day Laughing

Mug 3: Top Left/Top Right: Coffee Keeps me Grounded until it's time for Wine
Mug 4: Gold is Best

Mug 5 - Top Left/Top Right: Caffeine, It maintains my sunny personality
Mug 6 - Bottom Left/Bottom Right: Audrey Hepburn Quote

Mug 7 - Bottom Left - Better Latte Than Never
Mug 8 - Bottom Right: Keep Calm and Craft On

Until Next time! Craft your Heart, Craft your Soul!